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09/18/2018 by

Milan, 18 September 2018.  

The European Commission has chosen to use, among other service providers, the data protection products of the Italian company Boole Server within the framework of cybersecurity, following the example of the European External Action Services (EEAS), the European Union service in charge of foreign affairs.
BooleBox, the innovative platform for collaboration and file sharing offered by the Italian vendor of solutions for the protection of sensitive data, now also counts one of the main European Union institutions among its customers.

"Being chosen again by Brussels is a great recognition. Our daily work is conceived precisely to offer institutions too a product that is suitable for the maximum protection levels they require. Now we hope that cooperation can also start with Italian institutions," was the comment by  Valerio Pastore, the founder of Boole Server.

Thanks to military-level encryption, BooleBox is able to provide users with absolute control over personal and business data, preventing any form of unauthorized access to files and e-mails, both from outside and inside a company.

"The security of networks and information systems has always been one of the priorities of the European Commission; the path to strengthening cybersecurity in the Union is constantly growing, and is being followed very closely by Boole Server" Pastore added. "The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation was only the first step towards a much larger and more complex plan of innovation in cybersecurity-oriented regulations. In recent days, the European Parliament has approved a general measure for the establishment of common certification systems at the EU level for ICT products, services and processes, with the aim of ensuring product safety from the phase of their design. This is precisely what Boole Server guarantees with its solutions." 

Moreover, Boole Server has recently announced that it has signed an agreement with V-Valley, the value-added distributor of the Esprinet Group, which will exclusively bring all the security products of the Italian vendor to the Italian market.

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